Public Art Commissions

Lightness of Air

One Airport Drive, CLIENT – Brisbane Airport Commission

The dandelion is used as a link to the past as well as symbolising the possibilities for the future. This common flower evokes childhood memories of blowing seeds into the breeze. Watching them float through the air to find a resting place elsewhere. ‘Lightness of Air’ is a reflection upon the freedom of flight and magnifies the beauty of ordinary things.


Old Government House, Queensland University of Technology

Palm trees are a familiar sight around the QUT Gardens Point campus, in the adjacent city gardens and throughout Brisbane. Various sub-tropical rainforest species are most notable for the cascading seed branches, or ‘inflorescence’, which feature in late summer. This ‘inflorescence’ possesses the beauty and elegance of traditional chandeliers and has informed the structure and design of the chandelier for Old Government House. The palm reference creates a unique link to the subtropical lifestyle of Brisbane as a whole.

Onward Upward


Turbot Street Foyer, Amalgamated Property Group

Artworks adorning the white marble wall of this corporate foyer draw upon the interior’s contemporary design. The repetition of minimalist cast white porcelain arrow forms reference notions of corporate success and upward movement, guiding people through the entry space with positive symbolism.


Helensvale Library and Community and Cultural Centre, Gold Coast City Council
to be constructed in 2012

Local libraries give communities access to a wealth of knowledge and a world of stories. They are places where everyone in the community is welcome no matter who they are or where they come from. A truly inclusive space.

Stories from every corner of the globe accumulate on the shelves of libraries giving local communities access to faraway places, ideas and knowledge. Similarly a host of bird species can fly from the far reaches of the planet to nest and rest in local habitats. This concept for the Helensvale Library and Community Cultural and Youth Centre celebrates books, the soul of the library, while using birds to connect it to the unique qualities of the local environment.

Custom V shaped tiles represent open books and
3D tiles create movement across the wall inspired by the beating of birds wings

Rock Hopping

Cabarita Beach Street Upgrade, Tweed Shire Council

Rock Hopping is an artwork that celebrates the landscape and the community of Cabarita Beach and Bogangar. It is a series of 5 basalt rocks shaped to reflect the recognisable features of Norries Head and its rocky coves. The artwork was inspired by the memory of summer holidays; rock hopping and discovering the treasures of the coast and the sea among the rock pools and crevices of this beautiful landscape.


Chatswood Chase, Colonial First State Property Management

Reflecting the calibre of retailers within the centre, the artwork is an abstraction of the rare and celebrated Florentine Diamond, a precious stone whose history traverses the globe from India, Europe to the Americas.

Laser cut aluminium diamond shapes, each up to 1.5 metres in diameter, clad the interior architecture and exterior entranceway, seeming to gradually emerge from the walls into three-dimensional sculptural forms. A ground-based form greets shoppers as they approach the centre, giving the appearance of a diamond that has been only partially unearthed, and can be seen to represent thehidden treasures that are awaiting discovery inside.

Ipswich River Heart Parkland Signage

Interpretive and wayfinding signage, Ipwich City Council