Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey Maker!

Hey Maker! is a new creative collective in the Tweed Valley. We hope to inspire our community to become active in helping us further enhance Murwillumbah as a vibrant artistic destination.


Artists and creatives Belinda Smith, Ellie Beck, Jo Olive and Kathy Egan are the founding members of Hey Maker! We got together to form a collective in response to the growing number of retail stores in Murwillumbah closing their doors due to the economic downturn. We see this as an opportunity to use empty shop fronts to attract attention and benefit the community.

POTATOPRINTPOPUP is our first project for 2012 on Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April. A free potato printing workshop to show that art can be hands on, fun and you don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive supplies to produce a work of art. We invite all to come and join us at 13 Queen Street Murwillumbah opposite Queen St Medical Centre. The Verge office is occupied by a landscape architect (Verge) and a Graphic designer (Upside) who are sympathetic to our cause and are willing to let the pop up be staged in their space.

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